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How to Spot a Real O&R  Employee

oru_ employee

O&R recently launched a new initiative designed to help customers better identify whether the utility worker who comes to their door is a real O&R employee or a fake one. This new initiative provides an added layer of identification of O&R representatives who have appointments to call on customers' residences to perform work.

The protection includes providing the customer with a unique service order number as well as a dedicated telephone number to call for verification:

When O&R makes an appointment to visit a customer's home, O&R will provide the customer with a unique service order number. When the utility worker arrives at a customer's home, the customer asks the utility worker for the service order number and confirms it matches before admitting that worker to the customer's home.

Customers can also call a dedicated number at O&R, (845) 577-3526, to verify an employee's identity.

In addition, all O&R employees and contractors are required to carry color photo I.D. cards during their workday. For unscheduled utility work at customers' homes, such as meter reading or emergency repairs, customers are urged to ask to see the utility worker's company identification card before admitting them to their homes or businesses or transacting any business with them.

For more information, visit O&R’s web site at www.oru.com.