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John Rooney


My wife Joanne and I have lived in Norwood for the past 27 years, where we raised 3  boys who now of adult age, pursuing their own careers and dreams. During that time, I've coached several sports, and been very involved in scouting, all 3 of my sons are Eagle Scouts, as well as my church of and community. I currently serve on Immaculate Conception Church's Parish and Finance  councils, and distribute Holy Communion to the Norwood nursing homes every other Sunday.

I've held 2 terms as a Norwood  councilman, serving on various committees, including Pubic Safety Commissioner, and was elected again in 2017 after 13 year absence.

My family and I are blessed in so many ways, including have a home in town like Norwood to live and raise a family, which is why we commit ourselves to giving back to to this beautiful community. 


You may reach Councilman Rooney at jrooney@norwoodboro.org