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Zika Virus Update

A message from the
JIF Safety Director's office

The Office of the Safety Director has received requests for information about the Zika Virus. The Center for Disease Control (http://www.cdc.gov/zika/index.html) and the New Jersey Department of Health (http://nj.gov/health/cd/zika/) have excellent resources to educate workers on the risk and prevention measures.

Bottom line for NJ workers – currently no confirmed occupational exposures to Zika. The few cases in the continental US are from travelers to an affected area. CDC and NJDOH are monitoring US exposures. NJDOH Acting Commissioner Cathleen Bennett said “her department has no reason to expect an outbreak of Zika in New Jersey when mosquitoes pop up in late spring and summer, thanks in part to solid mosquito control management”.

Workers are encouraged to use EPA-approved insecticide in accordance with labels to reduce their chance from Zika and several other insect-borne diseases.